CBProAds Review: Promote CB (ClickBank) Instead Of Google AdSense

When your Google AdSense is disabled, you can easily promote ClickBank (CB) products instead – here is my CBProAds review

CBProAds Review: Promote CB (ClickBank) Instead Of Google AdSense - logos

As you can see here on my blog, I promote ClickBank products with CBProAds.
But, what IS CBProAds?
Is this the replacement for Google AdSense?
Not exactly, but it’s a very good option and covers a different market.

Most affiliates know that ClickBank has tens of thousands of products.
Many products are not up to date any more and from some the domains did even expire.

CBProAds remove junk and domain expired ClickBank products
They review each CB product manually.
They have an improved title and description for each CB product.
CBProAds extract cover images and banners of all products.
They import CB marketplace automatically every day.

HOW can you promote the redesigned ClickBank products?

There are many ways to use CBProAds
First of all, the ads like AdSense has:

Clickbank Products

You can choose your ads from more than 200 subjects like travel, e-business, sports, languages etc.
And you can select if gravity, commission or popularity is most important

Then there are the storefronts like:
But you can choose also here from one of the many other subjects.
And there are 4 different lay-outs.

Are you disabled from Google AdSense?

There are scripts for many occasions:
Contextual Ads, Widget Ads – iPhone, Widget Ads – Type 2, Block Image Ads, List Image Ads, Slide Show Ads, Scroll Ads and Banner Ads.

Under ‘extras’ you find the affiliate program, auto-income and bonus ebooks.
The auto-income gives you the possibility to buy25 quality clicks for $12.50.
I bought it 2 times and the first time I sold a premium membership, so I earned $28.66.

At ‘Products Info’ you find the Top Products, Killer products, My Products and Categories from ClickBank (at this moment 13,832 products).

ClickBank (CB) is still HOT… with the right tools!

Besides the storefronts I wrote about earlier, there are also ‘Niche Storefronts’.
Here are some of my domains which I forwarded to the storefronts:

And, as I mentioned in the beginning, you can put CBProAds easily in your blog… when you have a WordPress blog.

CBProAds Review: Promote CB (ClickBank) Instead Of Google AdSense - Home

CBProAds Review: Promote CB (ClickBank) Instead Of Google AdSense – Home

When you sign up for CBProAds, you can choose to be a ‘Free’ member or you can be a ‘Pro’.
The ‘Pro’ membership starts with $16.95 per month.
But, when you decide to go for a ‘Lifetime’ membership, the price is only $89.95.

CBProAds Review Conclusion:

CBProAds is easy to use and not expensive when you get the ‘Lifetime’ membership.
It has many features and you can use it in any website.

When you want to sign up for CBProAds, just CLICK HERE.

I hope this CBProAds review was useful for you.


Have a very nice day!

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