E-mail A Safe-List: Promo-Code For Quick-Start E-mailing And Income 2

E-mail A Safe-List: Promo-Code For Quick-Start E-mailing And Income

For any good safe-list and promo-code see my earlier article -> CLICK HERE!

Why e-mail a safe-list?
What does the quick-start with a promo-code mean?
And how do you get an extra income with a safe-list?

Top Tier Mailer - E-mail A Safe-List: Promo-Code For Quick-Start E-mailing And Income

One of the best ways to promote your service or product is by sending e-mails.
As a beginning internet-entrepreneur you probably don’t have many contacts to e-mail.

How to reach more people with emailing?
You can try to find some e-mail adresses on the internet and starting to e-mail them.
Probably it will take not a very long time before your e-mail adress is marked as ‘spam’.
You can buy a mailing-list from somebody, but probably the list is not up to date anymore, or many e-mail adresses are fake.

E-mail a safe-list

Better is to e-mail a safe-list.
What is a safe-list?
A safe-list is a list with e-mail adresses which you can e-mail from the site of the safe-list itself.
You don’t see the e-mail adresses, you only instruct to send your e-mail to a number of people.
The e-mail which is send is not directly from you, but from the safe-list.
Most safe-list can send a huge amount of e-mails per day.

You have the link to your website or the website you want to promote at the bottom of the e-mail.
Some times as ‘click here for credits’ or ‘click the link below for credits’.
The adress is not visible for the the person who read the e-mail.
But your website will be visible as soon as they click.

Where do I find safe-lists and are they expensive?
You find them HERE
But, there are much more safe-lists.
Maybe I forgot some good ones, or I don’t know about them.
The price for a sending mails to a safe-list start from $0.00 and end …….
A safe-list is expensive when you have to pay for it and the safe-list contains only a few members or will be opened by just a few members.

Profitable Email Marketing - E-mail A Safe-List: Promo-Code For Quick-Start E-mailing And Income

Most safe-lists have the possibility to start as a free member.
Free members can, generally, send less times a mailing to less members.
You can earn credits for a mailing by reading mails from other members.
That means: you get many, many e-mails from other members in your e-mail!

That’s the next point: get 2 gmail-accounts!!!
1 is for those e-mails from other members.
The other one is to receive announcements from the safe-list itself.
But sometimes they send also e-mails from members to the second e-mail.
Best thing to do is get 2 new gmail-accounts for the safe-lists.

How to earn more money with safe-lists?

I described how it works when you’re a free member.
But when you have confidence in a safe-list, when you’re e-mail is read many times and when you have good response, you can decide to become a paying member.
A paying member can e-mail more often and more members.
Then you can promote the safe-list as well and when you get members who also pay for sending e-mails, you will get a commision.
This is how you can earn money with safe-lists.



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