Sqribble Review + DEMO | Before You Buy Sqribble … Watch This Video

In this post, I’m going to give you my Sqribble Review and how you can make money creating your own eBooks.
Now as we all know eBooks can be a powerful marketing tool:
• They can be used to get brand awareness for your business.
• They can be used as lead magnets to generate traffic, quality leads to your business or offer.
• They can help explain your industry or market in a more in-depth, concise manner and also,
• They can just be used to generate your own brand Authority as a writer in the digital world.

There is a product that I’m pretty excited about and I’m going to talk to you about it in this blogpost that is blowing this industry up like crazy.
It’s called Sqribble.
Sqribble is an eBook publisher or eBook creator software that is cloud-based.
As you can see in the video above, the back office is very clean and easy to operate.
When you first sign-in there’s a welcome video that gives you a nice outline, tutorial, walkthrough on what’s what so it starts you off in the right direction.

Sqribble Review – How it works

To get started you know you can choose from the menu options up top here or you can just ‘Start Sqribbling’ by clicking that button.
Now the great thing about the software is in just a few clicks, a matter of minutes you can have your own eBook created and published, ready to go to be used or distributed throughout the market.
So you when you choose, when you go to create your eBook, you can choose from dozens of templates
that are pre-built for you and more are going to be added throughout its product lifecycle.

All you have to do is choose your template, enter a name, hit next and select the type.
There are multiple ways you can create your eBook:
• You can create it from scratch and enter your own content if you have your own content that you want to publish.
• You can grab a URL or
• You can also start with an article collection.
If you choose one of those options they’ll go out search those channels and import the content from those searches into your eBook, so you don’t even have to create the content if you choose not to.

When you’re just gonna create my eBook from scratch, hit next and then finish and just like that it takes a second, but it’ll build everything and it will create the template everything.
It comes with six pre-built pages, you can add pages to it, you can take them away, you can add links to your website or offers whatever you need, it can do.
So that is the power of this software for creating these eBooks. Very simple, takes a couple of clicks, a matter of minutes you can have an e-book published and so with that.

Sqribble Review – How to make money online

That’s where the great thing about this software: you can turn it into a money-making system. There is a need for people to have eBooks created for them.
A lot of people they don’t know about this software obviously because it’s brand new, but they also don’t have the time or the writing capabilities to create their own eBooks. So, they go out and, to solicit their services.

Sqribble Review

If you go to like there are many websites out there like Fiverr.com, where you can come in and search for or offer eBook writing services.
There are people who will write an e-book at $75, $120, $40, $100 higher professional writer.
There is a need for people to write eBooks or ghostwrite. If there wasn’t there wouldn’t be all of these services being offered, and so the great thing with this is that in a matter of minutes you can create an e-book and you can fulfill someone’s order and make a hundred bucks a day with very little time put out.
But up here if you look there’s this ‘Auto Job Finder’, click on this, this will go out and search for jobs that people are wanting to do, have someone create an e-book for them.

I’m just gonna go to job finder hit search and here we go.
So here here’s a bunch of results for people looking for eBook writing, different services involved with eBooks, informational pamphlets, lead magnets, everything like that and so if we were to click on this… Investing eBook, so here you go so this is someone looking to have someone write an Investing eBook for them. Their budget is $250 to $750 or, and so the average if you look, come scroll down here the average that people are bidding on this job, $441.

You could go ahead with this software offer: bid out $400, if you win the job you get a $400 paycheck by creating an e-book, based, and it could take you just minutes because you are using this Sqribble software.
It’ll go out it’ll grab the content for you, you don’t have to know anything about investing. It’ll import it into your template and you clean it up, do a little fine-tuning, publish it, boom, done!
You can make some money off of it. So that’s one way that you can make money online creating eBooks with Sqribble.
So I think it’s a pretty powerful software! Like I said you can do flip books with it and then also people use them as lead magnets. Lead magnets is another way to make money, but indirectly.
If you are a marketer that’s trying to generate leads, you can often publish an e-book and offer, offer it as a free incentive for someone to enter their contact information into your database. Be it their email address or name and address, phone number, or what, whatever it is you’re collecting. You can then offer a free eBook for them in compensation for providing you with their contact information.

eBooks, as I said, you can kind of really start seeing if you didn’t know already, but just how powerful they can be and how you can make money with them.

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Sqribble Review – My conclusion

Sqribble, I think it’s a very valuable tool that could help your business!