TOAN Review- The Online Ad Network: Get Paid For Advertising

TOAN Review- The Online Ad Network: Get Paid For Advertising

Every person who earns his/her money on the internet needs 1 important thing…. traffic!
There for I wrote this TOAN review, because there is another way to advertise like the ‘traditional’ way:
You can have free traffic, like traffic-exchange, where you read others emails to earn credits to send emails yourself through safe-lists.
But that takes you a lot of time to read enough emails to send out an email yourself.
And, the number of prospects is limited.
Another way to get free advertising is SEO.
That will take a long time to find out it works and to get a position in the ranking (specially when you blog/site is young).
So, to get fast and more traffic/prospects to your site, you can use paid advertising.
You can buy traffic at any price: from $5.95 to $1,500.00 or more.

But, there is TOAN: The Online Ad Network.
Founder of is Brian Rooney, who is also CEO and co-founder of, the auto-responder.
At TOAN you pay for advertising, but… you can earn much more…. up to $88,000+.

How does this work and is it real?
First, is the advertising lucrative?
How is the click-rate, etc.?

TOAN Review – Get Paid For Advertising

At the moment I write this article (January 7 2013 at 8.50 in the morning, Thailand time- is January 6 2013 8.50 pm server time), I’m exactly 4 days working with this system.
Not really working….. Friday-evening we went for 2 days away.
The first day I set up banner ads (8 banners 125×125 and 9 banners 468×60) and 7 text ads.
In this time I had 1474 impressions on my ads and 43 clicks: a CTR of 34:1 (or 2.92%) TOTAL.
The 125×125 banners and text ads have the same number of clicks as the 468×60 banners, they only have a higher number of impressions.

The Online Ad Network - TOAN Review: Get Paid For Advertising - CTR 1

The Online Ad Network – TOAN Review: Get Paid FOR Advertising – CTR 1

Now, this is only for 4 days.
Here is an example of my sponsor who is advertising 3 weeks:

The Online Ad Network - TOAN Review: Get Paid For Advertising - CTR 2

The Online Ad Network – TOAN Review: Get Paid For Advertising – CTR 2

This advertising costs money: $19.95 per month!
I think price/quality relation is good.
But, it does not stop here.
As I said in the headline: Get Paid Advertising.
So, Here is the second part of this program:

The Online Ad Network – TOAN Review: Get Paid For Advertising

Every advertiser goes into a 3×10 matrix.
How does that works?
Lets say your an advertiser at TOAN.
When you tell somebody about this program and the person joins through your affiliate-link, he/she will be in your downline right under you.
This happens with the first 3 persons.
From the $19.95 they pay per month, TOAN pays YOU $6.95, which means you are already in profit with 3 persons sponsored (3x$6.95= $20.85).
Every next person you sponsor goes under the person you sponsored (this is the spillover) and you earn $1.00, up to and including level 10.


TOAN Review- The Online Ad Network: Get Paid For Advertising

This is how it looks like:

Level      Potential Advertisers      Available:            Totals
1               3 (You’re In Profit!)              $6.75              $20.25
2               9                                            $1.00              $9.00
3               27                                          $1.00              $27.00
4               81                                          $1.00              $81.00
5               243                                        $1.00              $243.00
6               729                                        $1.00              $729.00
7               2,187                                     $1.00             $2,187.00
8               6,561                                     $1.00             $6,561.00
9               19,683                                   $1.00             $19,683.00
10             59,049                                   $1.00             $59,049.00

Potential: 88,572                                                           $88,589.25

When YOUR sponsor works hard, you don’t have to do anything and earn money!
But, it can take a longer time to build your network.

Besides this matrix you also earn money when a higher level is filled:

Milestone Achieved:      Monthly Commissions      Cash Bonus:
3 Levels Filled                          $56.25                            $100.00
4 Levels Filled                          $137.25                          $200.00
5 Levels Filled                          $380.25                          $500.00
6 Levels Filled                          $1,109.25                      $1,000.00
7 Levels Filled                          $3,296.25                      $2,000.00
8 Levels Filled                          $9,857.25                      $5,000.00
9 Levels Filled                          $29,540.25                    $10,000.00
10 Levels Filled                        $88,589.25                    $50,000.00
Each bonus can be qualified for and received one time.

For more information about the advertising and matrix, I suggest you visit my affiliate link and fill in your name and email.
You will be redirected to a website where there’s also a video made by one of the sponsors.

And there you can also join for $7.00 per month to have some extra advertisements to boost your matrix-building.

The Online Ad Network – TOAN Review: Get Paid For Advertising – My Impression:

You can place an unlimited number of ads in this system.
That makes the $19.95 worth it.
There is a 14 days FREE or $1.00 trial: find out yourself if it works for you!
You can earn money without doing anything, just through the spillover.
There is a possibility to boost your matrix-building.
You can also buy shares in Co-op advertising.

I didn’t find any negative issues about this program yet.
Maybe some people will say that they want to have a wider matrix, like 10×10, but I think this is perfect, so you can build your matrix faster in the depth.
If there are any negative things, I will update this article, or write a new one.

I hope this The Online Ad Network (TOAN) Review was useful for you.

Have A Very Nice Day!

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